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  • Address Book loved

    Address Book provides a flexible and convenient way to store your contact information online. Because Address Book is integrated with Mail, iChat, and other applications, you have to enter information only once to have your contacts available from all these applications.

  • Adium loved

    Adium is a fast and free instant messaging client which supports AIM, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Yahoo! Japan, Bonjour, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, and Lotus Sametime. Adium supports beautiful WebKit message display, tabbed messaging, encrypted chat, file transfer, and more. Give it a try; you won't look back.

    Adium is currently translated into Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

  • Anki loved

    Anki is a program designed to help you remember facts (such as words and phrases in a foreign language) as easily, quickly and efficiently as possible. To do this, it tracks how well you remember each fact, and uses that information to optimally schedule review times. With a minimal amount of effort, you can greatly increase the amount of material you remember, making study more productive, and more fun.

    Anki is based on a theory called spaced repetition. In simple terms, it means that each time you review some material, you should wait longer than last time before reviewing it again. This maximizes the time spent studying difficult material and minimizes the time spent reviewing things you already know. The concept is simple, but the vast majority of memory trainers and flashcard programs out there either avoid the concept all together, or implement inflexible and suboptimal methods that were originally designed for pen and paper.

    While Anki can be used for studying anything, it also ships with special features designed to make studying Japanese and English easier: integrated dictionary lookups, missing kanji reports, and more. Sample decks are also provided for Russian.

  • AppleJack loved

    AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. With AppleJack you can troubleshoot a computer even if you can't load the GUI, or don't have a startup CD handy. AppleJack runs in Single User Mode and is menu-based for ease of use.

  • Burn loved

    Burn is an application to burn most common disks: data disks, audio disks (mp3, audio cd), video disks (VCD, SVCD, DVD-Video, DivX), images and disk copy. Burn makes it easy for everyone to burn.

  • CSSEdit loved

    Quite simply put, CSSEdit will save your sanity when editing style sheets. Its intuitive approach to style sheets and powerful editing features will make you deliver beautiful standards-based sites in no time!

  • Camino loved

    Camino is an open source web browser developed with a focus on providing the best possible experience for Mac OS X users.

    The Camino Project has worked to create a browser that is as functional and elegant as the computers it runs on. The Camino web browser is powerful, secure, and ready to meet the needs of all users while remaining simple and elegant in its design.

    Camino combines the awesome visual and behavioral experience that has been central to the Macintosh philosophy with the powerful web-browsing capabilities of the Gecko rendering engine.

  • Celestia loved

    The free space simulation that lets you explore our universe in three dimensions. Like Google Earth for the entire known universe. Fun, impressive and educational.

  • Cyberduck loved

    Cyberduck is an open source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files and Amazon S3 browser for the Mac. It features an easy to use interface with quickly accessible bookmarks. The outline view of the browser allows to browse large folder structures efficiently and you can quickly preview files with Quick Look. To edit files, a seamless integration with several external editors makes it easy to change content quickly. Both Amazon CloudFront and Cloud Files from Rackspace can be easily configured to distribute your content in the cloud. Many OS X core system technologies such as Spotlight, Bonjour and the Keychain are supported and a large number of translations makes you feel at home.

  • DNSUpdate loved

    DNSUpdate is a client that connects to the DynDNS.org free domain name server service.You can watch at every Internal Interface and also supports Routers (using an external test) and Proxies (without passwords).

    Requires 10.4.6+

  • Diablotin loved

    Diablotin allows you to manage the items that have been added to the Mac OS X Library folders. This is a good way to make sure your operating system stays in order. This preference pane also allows you to enable/disable those items.

  • Dictionary loved

    Dictionary and thesaurus system application based on The New Oxford American Dictionary. Comes with OS X. The Leopard version features tabs for Dictionary, Thesaurus, Wikipedia, Apple, and All.

  • DrawBerry loved

    DrawBerry is a complete and easy-to-use vector drawing solution with layers, powerful tools, inspectors, workspace and support for CoreImage filters. The addition of some great exclusive features, like the magnifying glass or the undo history, will also help you to draw more accurately.

  • FMenu loved

    FMenu is a program for Mac OS X and Facebook that sits in the menu bar (near the clock) and provides notifications about various events. In addition, it provides a menu to easily access common Facebook pages and keeps a count of your messages, pokes, events, friend requests, wall posts, and photo comments. It also features a "Quicklaunch" box which gives you immediate access to your friends' profiles (just start typing a friend's name and it will autocomplete – press enter and go to that friend's profile) and Facebook searches (type a phrase and press enter). Notifications are issued using Growl and can be customized to the user's liking (including turning on/off and customizing display style). They are:

    * A friend updated his profile
    * A friend changed his status
    * A friend wrote a new note
    * Someone wrote on your wall
    * You have new messages
    * You have new pokes
    * You have new friend requests
    * You have new photo comments

    FMenu checks for updates by default every 5 seconds (or at whatever interval you set), but checks for each kind of notification (friend details, friend requests, wall, photo comments, messages, pokes, events) separately. Consequently each particular type of notification is refreshed once every 35 seconds.

  • Fink loved

    The Fink project wants to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X. We modify Unix software so that it compiles and runs on Mac OS X ("port" it) and make it available for download as a coherent distribution. Fink uses Debian tools like dpkg and apt-get to provide powerful binary package management. You can choose whether you want to download precompiled binary packages or build everything from source.

    There are currently over 3000 packages available.

  • GLTerminal loved

    GLTerminal emulates a 1970's terminal monitor, complete with flaws in brightness, warped display curvature, and flicker. It even simulates baud rate lag. And! for extra verisimilitude, the character colors can be green or amber.

  • GeekTool loved

    "GeekTool is a PrefPane (System Preferences module) for Panther or Tiger to show system logs, unix commands output, or images (i.e. from the internet) on your desktop (or even in front of all windows)."

    The Linux kids have been doing this forever. Widgets are neat, but they don't have the tty non-anti-aliased grittiness of Geektool scripts.

  • Google Earth loved

    Google Earth gives you a wealth of imagery and geographic information. Explore destinations like Maui and Paris, or browse content from Wikipedia, National Geographic, and more.
    Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain, and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.

    • Fly to your house. Just type in an address, press Search, and you'll zoom right in.
    • Search for schools, parks, restaurants, and hotels. Get driving directions.
    • Tilt and rotate the view to see 3D terrain and buildings.
      Save and share your searches and favorites.
  • Google Notifier loved

    The Google Notifier is an application that shows you alerts in your menu bar, so you can see when you have new Gmail messages or upcoming Google Calendar events without having to open a web browser.

  • Growl loved

    Growl is a notification system that allows any application to send it a notification, and then it displays it. You can (for example) be notified that you have new email, or that a download completed, etc.

    Support for Applescript, Perl, Python, TCL, Cocoa, Carbon, Ruby and more being added.

  • Hex Color Picker loved

    Hex Color Picker is a color picker allowing you to get (and edit) the hexadecimal HTML and CSS color code for a color in the standard Mac OS X color panel.

  • ICeCoffEE loved

    ICeCoffEE lets you open URLs in some Mac OS X applications by Command-clicking on them. It adds a “Services” menu item in text fields’ contextual menus, and optionally to the menu bar as well. ICeCoffEE is modeled after ICeTEe, for classic Mac OS, which provided the same functionality in many Macintosh applications by patching TextEdit.

  • MacIrssi loved

    MacIrssi is a powerful, free of charge, open source IRC client. It combines the power of the irssi engine with an elegant and flexible GUI.

  • Mega Zoomer loved

    Megazoomer makes windows full-screen. Just press Command-Enter, and the front-most window grows to fill your entire monitor. Press the same keys, and it shrinks again. Requires SIMBL

  • MenuMeters loved

    MenuMeters is a set of CPU, memory, disk, and network monitoring tools for MacOS X. You can choose each of the monitors you want to show in the menubar.

  • OnMyCommand loved

    OnMyCommand is a UNIX CLI and AppleScript executor. You can build your own Contextual Menu Item or GUI application.

  • Paparazzi! loved

    Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of webpages. This very simple tool takes screenshots of websites which do not fit on one screen. You specify the desired width, minimal height and the URL. The program displays a preview and you can save the screenshot to PNG, JPEG, TIFF, or PDF.

    It's written in Objective-C using the Cocoa API and the WebKit framework... It was inspired by webkit2png which is a commandline tool written by Paul Hammond in pyObjC, so all intellectual credit for the basic functionality goes to him ;)

  • Perian loved

    Perian enables QuickTime application support for additional media:

    • File formats: AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, GVI, VP6, and VFW
    • Video types: MS-MPEG4 v1 & v2, DivX, 3ivx, H.264, Sorenson H.263, FLV/Sorenson Spark, FSV1, VP6, H263i, VP3, HuffYUV, FFVHuff, MPEG1 & MPEG2 Video, Fraps, Snow, NuppelVideo, Techsmith Screen Capture, DosBox Capture
    • Audio types: Windows Media Audio v1 & v2, Flash ADPCM, Xiph Vorbis (in Matroska), and MPEG Layer I & II Audio, True Audio, DTS Coherent Acoustics, Nellymoser ASAO
    • AVI support for: AAC, AC3 Audio, H.264, MPEG4, and VBR MP3
    • Subtitle support for SSA/ASS and SRT
  • PhotoBook loved

    PhotoBook is a Facebook photo browser. It makes it easy and fun to manage, share, and view your friends' Facebook photos in one intuitive interface.

    Key Features:

    • View photos of friends or albums on a single page.
    • Quickly view photos with tags and other information all in the same window.
    • Watch slideshows with amazing transitions.
    • Import photos or entire albums into iPhoto with one click.
    • Filter through photos or albums instantly with as-you-type search.

  • Pixelmator loved

    The beautifully designed, easy-to-use, fast and powerful image editor for Mac OS X has everything you need to create, edit and enhance your images.

    • Interface designed for work with images
    • Layers-based image editing
    • Use over 20 tools for selecting, crop, painting, retouching, typing, measuring and navigation
    • Use over 15 color correction tools
    • Use over 130 filters
    • Adjust image size and resolution
    • Transform images, layers or selections using transform tools
    • Fill and Stroke images, layers or selections
    • Photo Browser offers quick access to iPhoto Library, events, albums, Smart Albums and Pictures folder
    • Use your iSight camera to add pictures to your compositions
    • Includes Automator actions for converting, resizing, enhancing and adding special effects to images
    • Image processing is powered by Core Image and Open GL
  • QuickShareIt loved

    Send Files to Anyone (It doesn't matter if they use QuickShareIt or not, PC, Mac or Linux, if they can browse websites, they can download your file.) Easily Upload Any Type of File. Unlimited Bandwidth (Serve it to the world!). Drag & Drop 1 File or 100 Files (Multiple files or folders automatically get zipped before they're uploaded).

  • Quicksilver loved

    Quicksilver is a unified, extensible interface for working with applications, contacts, music, and other data.
    Anyone using a computer (and the Macintosh is no exception) spends a lot of time locating files and applications, and then carrying out actions on those items. The Finder is a reasonably good tool for getting a visual overview of the contents of your disk, but it isn't ideal for quickly locating and manipulating files, especially if you have a deep and complicated folder structure, or if you prefer keyboard navigation to using the mouse.

    Quicksilver allows you to find what you need quickly and easily, while keeping your hands on the keyboard. For example, if you want to launch an application hidden in the depths of your file system, simply activate Quicksilver with a keystroke, type a few letters of the application's name, then hit Return or Enter to launch it. When you don't need Quicksilver, it keeps out of your way, preserving precious screen real estate, and yet you can summon it instantly with a key stroke - just like Mercury the winged messenger. Actually, Roman mythological texts are remarkably silent on whether Mercury could be summoned with a key stroke, but it would have been great if he could. Quicksilver will certainly make you feel as if you have god-like powers.

  • RCDefaultApp loved

    RCDefaultApp is a Mac OS X 10.2 or higher preference pane that allows a user to set the default application used for various URL schemes, file extensions, file types, MIME types, and Uniform Type Identifiers (or UTIs; MacOS 10.4 only). MacOS X uses the extension and file type settings to choose the application when opening a file in Finder, while Safari and other applications use the URL and MIME type settings at other times for content not related to a file (such as an unknown URL protocol, or a media stream).

  • Safari loved

    Before Safari, browsers were an afterthought. Something you put up with if you wanted to surf the internet. One browser looked and felt just like another, so you chose the one that worked the best and crashed the least. They were ugly, cluttered affairs, whose interfaces competed for your attention and made browsing — the very purpose for which they were created — more difficult. Safari changes all that.

    Safari is designed to emphasize the browsing, not the browser. The browser frame is a single pixel wide. You see a scroll bar only when needed. By default, there’s no status bar. Instead, a progress gear turns as your page loads. And if you so choose, you can hide almost the entire interface, removing virtually every distraction from the browser window. A great browser should get out of your way and let you simply enjoy the web. Safari does just that. And it does it regardless of platform.

    The first browser to deliver the “real” internet to a mobile device, Safari renders pages on iPhone and iPod touch just as you see them on your computer. But this is more than just a scaled down mobile-version of the original. It takes advantage of the technologies built into these multi-touch devices. The page shifts and reformats to fill the window when you turn it on its side. You zoom in just by pinching and extending your fingers. Of course, no matter how you access it, Safari is always blazing fast and easy-to-use.

  • SafariStand loved

    safari extension that enables site-specific modification, bookmark & history searching, tab thumbnails & LOTS more

  • SaverLab loved

    SaverLab runs Mac OS X screensaver modules in regular windows. It allows you to run multiple modules simultaneously, pause, single step, and control the speed of the animations, and save animations as QuickTime movies.

  • SuperCal loved

    SuperCal is a visual display calibrator capable of measuring and correcting most conventional displays, including LCDs, CRTs and projectors. SuperCal doesn't require any hardware measurement devices - only your eyeballs - yet it can be much more accurate, based on how well you pay attention to what you're doing :)

  • Terminal loved

    Mac OS X's Terminal application.

  • Textmate loved

    TextMate brings Apple's approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. By bridging UNIX underpinnings and GUI, TextMate cherry-picks the best of both worlds to the benefit of expert scripters and novice users alike.

  • TinkerTool loved

    TinkerTool is an application that gives you access to additional preference settings Apple has built into Mac OS X. This allows to activate hidden features in the operating system and in some of the applications delivered with the system.

  • Transmission loved

    Transmission sets initial preferences so things "Just Work", while advanced features like watch directories, bad peer blocking, and the web interface can be configured with just a few clicks. Macworld put it this way: "It's fast, it's extremely lightweight, and — even though it's available for a variety of platforms — it behaves just as you'd expect a Mac program to."

    Transmission supports full encryption, file selection, a web-based interface, groups, peer exchange, automatic port forwarding, webseeds, watch directories, tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits, and more.

    Its code is freely available online and is licensed under either the GNU Public License v2 or the MIT License. The development team welcomes anyone who is interested in contributing code, documentation, translations, or other help.

  • UnicodeChecker loved

    UnicodeChecker displays information for every code point from the Unicode Standard 5. For a given number, UnicodeChecker will display that character along with its UTF-8, UTF-16 and UTF-32 encodings, XHTML entity, Unicode Name, mapping information and much more.

    There are also several text conversion functions available to all applications from the ‘Services’ menu or via AppleScript. So you can convert text to and from XHTML/HTML character entities or have UnicodeChecker escape Unicode characters for use in CSS or other languages.

  • VLC loved

    VLC (initially VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, MP3, and OGG, as well as for DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It also can be used as a server for unicast or multicast streams in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network. The most prominent additions to version 0.8.6 are probably Windows Media Video 9 and Flash Video. Other important changes are improved H.264 decoding, better Windows Unicode support, and a full-screen.

  • Visor loved

    Visor provides a systemwide terminal window accessible via a hotkey, much like the consoles found in games such as Quake. Visor requires elements of Quartz only found in 10.4. Visor is compatible with 10.4 and higher only.

  • clicktoflash loved

    Safari/WebKit plugin that prevents loading of Flash content until you click it. Whitelist sites by holding the option key when clicking a flash box.

  • iView MediaPro loved

    iView MediaPro makes it easy to import, organize, and catalog photographs. Although this is a pro version of iView Media, it still manages to remain rather useable, even on older systems.

  • Activity Monitor

    Activity Monitor is a GUI application included with Mac OS X. It provides graphical representations of your computer's CPU, system memory, disk activity, disk usage, and network processes. This little utility is easy to overlook, but it can help you manage your memory and processing power when running lots of applications. If you prefer to work in the text-only Terminal application instead, you can view much of this information by using the top command.

  • Adobe Photoshop

    The essential software for perfecting your images, Adobe® Photoshop® CS3 offers productivity and workflow enhancements, powerful new editing tools, and breakthrough compositing capabilities.

  • Amazing Slow Downer

    Adjust music from CDs or files (MP3, AIFF, AAC/MP4, WAV) in real time. Change tempo or pitch by cents or semitones. Allows you to set in and out points to play back a segment as a loop.
    Great for learning music by ear, transcribing, or adjusting tempo and/or pitch for performers (can export the adjusted results as AIFF, AAC/MP4, or other Quicktime formats).

  • Application Enhancer

    Application Enhancer is a system which allows for 3rd party modules to modify and enhance the way applications behave and operate. Application Enhancers work on an application level, therefore they do not affect the stability of the underlying system. The technology behind Application Enhancer system has been in research and development for more than 4 years now, and many Unsanity haxies (including WindowShade X, FruitMenu, Silk and others) are now using it. The software development kit for developing modules is also available on the Application Enhancer home page.

  • Audio Hijack Pro

    With Audio Hijack Pro, you can create enhanced podcasts, with audio from many sources, record streaming radio, record audio chats, save audio from records (LPs), cassette tapes, and other analog sources.

  • Backdrop

    Simple but useful if you take many screenshots of windows and the like. Creates a backdrop (picture or solid color) behind any application you choose.

  • CLIX

    The CLIX package includes a starter command database with over 1000 (yes, you read that right) system commands for investigating your system status, for cleaning out the junk files, for getting at secret settings for the Dock, the Finder, Spotlight, Dashboard, Exposé, and all of your most used applications, and all sorted for easy access, any way you wish.

  • Calculator

    Calculator, comes with OS X.

  • Carbon Copy Cloner

    Have you ever wanted a simple, complete, bootable backup of your hard drive? Have you ever wanted to upgrade to a larger hard drive with minimal hassle and without reinstalling your OS and all of your applications? Have you ever wanted to move your entire Mac OS X installation to a new computer? Then CCC is the tool for you! CCC makes these tasks simple by harnessing the Unix power built into Mac OS X.

  • CleanApp

    According to a poll at MacTechNews.de-Forum, users install 2 to 3 applications a week, to give it a trial. That means about 2 to 10 megabytes of useless data every week remaining without CleanApp. Now CleanApp helps you to keep track of these files, so your system doesn't clutter anymore.

  • CocoaBooklet

    This program lets you create a booklet out of a PDF file, which is known as pages imposition. It is a useful tool to reduce the number of pages that has to be printed, which lets you save a lot of paper.

    A booklet is a book that is bound in the middle. Which means that a booklet has four pages printed on one sheet of paper (two on each sides).

  • CocoaSuite

    CocoaSuite is suite of utilities that enhance the ways in which you can control Cocoa applications. It allows you to:

    1. Add new or reassign existing menu shortcuts

    2. Execute any menu command through customizable Mnemonics

    3. Execute any menu command via customizable mouse gestures

    4. Use the track pad on your laptop as virtual scroll wheel or jog dial

  • Create

    Want to create layouts and graphics that comes very close to what Illustrator or indesign do - check it out.
    Unique feature: the imagewell file-export in almost every format via drag and drop.

  • Disk Inventory X

    Disk Inventory X is a disk usage utility for Mac OS X 10.3 (and later). It shows the sizes of files and folders in a special graphical way called "treemaps".

    If you've ever wondered where all your disk space has gone, Disk Inventory X will help you to answer this question.

  • Disk Utility

    Disk Utility is a powerful application for viewing, managing, and troubleshooting the disks connected to your Mac, including internal and external hard drives, disk images, CDs, and DVDs. With Disk Utility, you can verify the integrity of a disk, repair it, securely erase it, and partition a hard drive. You can also create secure disk images for storing important files using AES 128- or 256-bit encryption.

  • DiskWarrior

    DiskWarrior uses a different approach to disk directory repair than other programs. DiskWarrior is not a disk repair program in the conventional sense. Instead of patching the original directory, it uses a patent-pending technology to quickly build a new replacement directory using data recovered from the original directory, thereby recovering files and folders that you thought were lost and that no other program could recover.

  • File Juicer

    File Juicer is a drag & drop can opener and data archaeologist. Its specialty is to find and extract images, video, audio or text from files which are hard to open in other ways.
    It finds and extracts: JPEG, JP2, PNG, GIF, PDF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PICT, TIFF, Flash, Zip, HTML, WAV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MP3, AIFF, AU, WMV or text from files which contain data in those formats.

    Lossless extraction... File Juicer does't convert the images/sounds/videos it finds, but saves them unchanged in their original format if possible. See the manual for details.

  • FileMerge

    FileMerge is one of the old NeXT Developer applications that survived into the days of Mac OS X, and with good reason: It kicks the pants off anything else when it comes to quickly going through file changes, marking them on the scrollbar, allowing you to breeze through them with parallax scrolling, and merging them with a single click.

  • Finder

    Your home on the Mac, Finder gives you lots of options for locating, displaying and organizing all your files and folders. From the power of Spotlight search technology to the flexibility of customizable item views, Mac OS X Finder truly shows your Mac at a glance.

  • Fink Commander

    FinkCommander is an open-source, graphical user interface for the Fink software packaging system for Mac OS X. It provides an intuitive front-end to the Fink command-line tools for downloading and installing Unix software.

  • Firefox

    Mozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows you more of the page than any other browser and a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online.

    Firefox 3.5 is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering platform, which has been under development for the past year. Firefox 3.5 offers many changes over the previous version, supporting new web technologies, improving performance and ease of use, and adding new features for users: It is now available in more than 70 languages, includes a Private Browsing mode, better performance and stability with the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, the ability to provide Location Aware Browsing using web standards for geolocation, support for native JSON, and web worker threads, support for new web technologies such as: HTML5 < video > and < audio > elements, downloadable fonts and other new CSS properties, JavaScript query selectors, HTML5 offline data storage for applications, and SVG transforms.

  • Flash Player

    Adobe Flash Player 10 is a lightweight browser plug-in and rich Internet application (RIA) runtime that delivers consistent and engaging user experiences, stunning audio/video playback, and pervasive reach. Flash Player 10 introduces new expressive features, visual performance improvements, and extensibility to unleash the creative potential of designers and developers so they can build richer and more immersive web experiences.

  • Flip4Mac WMV

    Play wma content on your mac. Works as a Quicktime plugin.

  • Font Book

    Font Book is a powerful tool for managing fonts and font collections on Mac OS X

  • GPG Keychain Access

    The GPG Keychain Access is an Application to generate and manage GPG Keys.

  • GPGMail

    GPGMail is a plug-in for Apple's Mail, providing a front-end to gpg for some operations. It allows you to read/write encrypted messages, as well as electronically sign messages.

  • GPGPreferences

    The GPGPreferences pane allows you to set basic GPG options and to fix broken GPG and GPGMail installations (e.g. after an OS X update).

  • Genius

    Genius helps you memorize things. Genius organizes your information and carefully chooses questions using an intelligent "spaced repetition" method that’s based on your past performance. It performs fuzzy answer checking and even highlights errors visually.
    Use Genius to study vocabulary words, foreign language phrases, historical events, religious texts, legal definitions, formal speeches, marketing points—anything you need to memorize!

  • Google Maps Plugin

    The Google Maps Plugin enables you lookup your Apple Address Book addresses using Google Maps as well as get directions between your Address Book addresses. At the time this was written, Google Maps supports the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. Google Earth is now supported as of June 15, 2006.

  • GraphicConverter

    Ever had an image that seemed impossible to open? Struggeled too many times with images without enough info for even the mighty Photoshop?

    GraphicConverter X/Classic is kinda like vlc, only for converting images. Keep it in mind, when running into trouble....

  • GreaseKit

    GreaseKit is a successor of Creammonkey. This software adds Greasemonkey-like user scripting to Safari, Mailplane, Diet Pibb.app and all WebKit applications.

  • Greasemonkey

    Allows you to customize the way a webpage displays using small bits of JavaScript.

    Hundreds of scripts, for a wide variety of popular sites, are already available at userscripts.org.

    You can write your own scripts, too. Mark Pilgrim's definitive Greasemonkey guide, diveintogreasemonkey.org will show you how.

  • Inkscape

    Great Open Source SVG editor!

  • Journler

    Journler is a notebook and entry based information manager. It is simple, it is elegant, it is powerful. Journler is designed to unite text and media in creative endeavor. It offers a place to store your thoughts and ideas while connecting them with media of any kind.

    Journler’s inline media viewer supports audio-video, images, PDFs, WebArchives, websites, email and Address Book contacts. When you’re ready to organize, Journler does entries by date and folder as well tiered folders and smart families with auto-tagging. Journler includes lightning search and on the fly filtering of your entries. There is Spotlight and AppleScript support as well as Mail, iWeb, iPod, and blogging integration. The new Drop Box and JPanel make it easy to get stuff in, while the Lexicon helps you find the relationships between your data.

    Chronicle. Organize. Find. Connect. Journaling is just the beginning.

  • Keychain Access

    The Keychain stores all your information to use encrypted disk images and to log onto file servers, FTP servers and Web servers. Mac OS X automatically adds your .Mac account information to your Keychain. When you log in to Mac OS X, the system opens your Keychain. You don't have to enter your user name and passwords to access this data. You can set Mac OS X to lock your Keychain when the system sleeps or is inactive for a time. The system will ask you for your password the next time you try to access secure data. Other users on the system cannot access your Keychain or its data.

  • Last.fm

    Last.fm player streams music from Last.fm, based on your music profile.

    The source code is available under a GPL license.

  • Lineform

    Fast, lean and Universal, Lineform offers powerful features in an uncluttered interface that’s designed to help you get work done!

    Winner of an Apple Design Award, Lineform is the ideal Mac app for vector art, diagrams and illustrations. Useful features combine with a simple interface to create a wonderfully intuitive artistic process. Lineform has all of the most popular tools, including everything from freeform gradients to compositing effects, enabling you to create the designs you want without getting in your way with superfluous “features” you don’t need.

  • Lingon 3

    The easiest way to run things automatically on your Mac has now become even easier.

    Lingon runs things automatically on your Mac.

    • Lingon can start an app, a script or run a command automatically when you want
    • You can schedule it at a specific time, regularly or when something happens
    • You can make sure that an app automatically restarts if it crashes
    • Lingon can do all this for you and much more

    (Please note that Lingon 3 is only for OS X Lion 10.7 and there is earlier version, 2.2.1, available for OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.)

  • Little Snitch

    A firewall protects your computer against unwanted guests from the Internet. But who protects your private data from being sent out? Little Snitch does!

    Little Snitch informs you whenever a program attempts to establish an outgoing Internet connection. You can then choose to allow or deny this connection, or define a rule how to handle similar, future connection attempts. This reliably prevents private data from being sent out without your knowledge. Little Snitch runs inconspicuously in the background and it can also detect network related activity of viruses, trojans and other malware.

  • MP3-Info CMM

    MP3-Info CMM is a Contextual Menu Module designed for Mac OS X (version 10.2 or newer, PowerPC- & Intel-Mac). That is essentially an extension to the Finder. It displays information about MP3, AAC (iTunes), AIFF, and even WAV files, such as their duration, the bitrate, and also the MP3-Tags, such as the artist, the title of the song, and some more, all directly inside the Finder, without the need to open any application to get this information! That can save you a lot of time when you often have to manage MP3 files.

  • MPEG Streamclip

    You can use MPEG Streamclip to: open most movie formats including MPEG files or transport streams; play them at full screen; edit them with Cut, Copy, Paste, and Trim; set In/Out points and convert them into muxed or demuxed files, or export them to QuickTime, AVI, DV and MPEG-4 files with more than professional quality, so you can easily import them in Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Toast 6 or 7, and use them with many other applications or devices.

  • Mac GNU Privacy Guard

    Mac GNU Privacy Guard (Mac GPG for short) is, after a fashion, the Mac OS X port of GnuPG, licensed under the GNU GPL. The aims of the project are to make GnuPG easy to install, develop a framework to make it easy for other developers to incorporate GnuPG functionality into their applications, write services to allow for the use of GnuPG functions in most Cocoa applications, and write a Mac GPG Keys type application so that you no longer have to go to the commandline to manage your keys. For those who don't know, GnuPG is a free OpenPGP client (PGP == Pretty Good Privacy). It can encrypt text (usually e-mail or other messages sent between people) and sign text to prove who wrote it. A further discussion of this can be found elsewhere.

  • MacFusion

    MacFusion is an open source Mac application that allows you to work with files on servers across the internet, as if they were sitting on your computer. Macfusion presents a Volume in Finder, letting you use your favorite Mac applications to work with them. Macfusion works with SSH/SFTP and FTP servers.

    More generally, Macfusion is a front-end to Gogole's MacFUSE software. Macfusion provides a plugin API to enable the creation of plugins for other FUSE filesystems.

  • MagiCal

    MagiCal is a FREE menu-based clock and calendar. It features a huge range of configuration options for how the time and date are displayed, and can operate either in addition to, or instead of the built in system menu clock.

  • Netbook Installer

    This utility is used to update and patch key components of Mac OS X to be run on non-apple hardware, specifically netbooks.

  • OSXvnc

    OSXvnc is a full featured VNC server providing remote access to the GUI, keyboard and mouse using any VNC client.

  • OmniDiskSweeper

    OmniDiskSweeper is a Mac OS X utility for quickly finding and deleting big, useless files and thus making space on your hard disks. OmniDiskSweeper makes this easy by highlighting the biggest files on your disks, and by noting which files are used by the system, so you don't accidentally delete important files.

  • OmniWeb

    A full-featured native web browser for Mac OS X. Highly multi-threaded and written using Apple’s Cocoa frameworks, OmniWeb is designed to provide you with the best user experience you’ll find in a web browser. We think it’s important to polish every user interaction to make sure that the browser acts the way you want it to — so you can stop thinking about the application you’re using and just get at the information you want, quickly.

  • PDF Browser Plugin

    PDF Browser Plugin turns your web browser into the best PDF viewer available. With the help of PDF Browser Plugin you can view PDF documents directly in your web browser, print them, and save them to disk if you'd like to keep them.

  • PDFView

    PDFView is a lightweight Mac OS X application to display PDF files.

    What does it offers more than Preview?

    By default, the main window will open up maximized, and the zoom level will be automatically the highest possible to fit the document into your screen - so that documents will become finally readable. Especially valuable if you are using a small size screen.
    PDFView supports a powerful full screen mode, and a innovative "presentation" mode, in which nothing is displayed but your document, not even scroll bars. This mode is designed with Beamer user in mind, but not restricted to them. Apple Remote support is also planned, in the future.
    PDFView offers powerful integration with LaTeX:
    it recognizes when the file is updated on disk and offers to reload it;
    if you are using the PDFSync LaTeX package, you can switch back and forth between the document and the text editor; just Command-click on a point in the PDF to be taken to the corresponding LaTeX line in your editor (customizable in the preferences);
    again, if you are using PDFSync, you can set up your editor to jump you to the appropriate page in the PDF (please refer to this page for instructions about it).
    PDFView has a very nice magnification tool: just drag around the document to use it.
    PDFView supports a useful miniature display.

  • PandoraBoy

    Pandora will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music, almost a century of popular recordings - new and old, well known and completely obscure - to find songs with interesting musical similarities to your choice. Then sit back and enjoy as it creates a listening experience full of current and soon-to-be favorite songs for you.

    Love Pandora.com, but tired of having to run it a web browser? Ever wish you could control pandora without even being at your computer? Well then look no farther. PandoraBoy allows you to control your music with global hotkeys or your apple remote. Additionally, it supports growl notifications so that you always know what your listening to. PandoraBoy Features:

    • Listen to Pandora.com without having to have a web browser open
    • ControlPandora with global hotkeys or your apple remote
    • Discover new artists with ease by watching growl notifications of the currently playing song
  • Perian's Type Installer

    Perian's Type Installer (was PerianAddFile) patches QuickTime Player cosmetically, giving files opened through Perian appropriate icons, among other things.

  • PhotoToolCM

    - Batch lossless transform (rotate/flip) JPEGs

    - Batch resize JPEGs

    - Add photo frame (border) to multiple files

    - Lossless cleaning to make JPEG file size smaller

    - Batch rename multiple JPEG photo image files using their Exif date

    - Edit JPEG comment on multiple files

    - Edit Exif date/time on multiple files

    - Display Exif information directly on contextual menu for quick viewing

    - Copy Exif information of multiple JPEG photo image files to the clipboard as text

    - Change file date (created/modifed date) of multiple JPEG photo image files to their Exif date

  • PictureSync

    PictureSync is a convenient utility that simplifies annotating and uploading images and movies to online galleries and photo-sharing services, whilst preserving your valuable metadata.

    PictureSync features an integrated (IPTC/XMP) annotation editor searchable in Spotlight. With one click you can use PictureSync to upload from iPhoto, MediaPro/Expression Media, Lightroom and Aperture, or simply using drag-and-drop from the Finder. Supported services include Facebook, Flickr, Fotki, Kodak Gallery, Photobucket, Shutterfly, Smugmug, Webshots, and Gallery 2.

    Other features include geocoding integration with Google Earth, colour conversion to sRGB for better online reproduction, resizing for faster uploads, auto-rotation, metadata customisation and rules, duplicate prevention, and direct support for service specific-features such as albums and tagging.

  • Poisoned

    Poisoned is a file sharing application for Mac OS X. Poisoned may look like your average file sharing application at first glance, but it is so much more. Unlike applications like Limewire or Kazaa that connect to only one file sharing network, Poisoned can connect to several seamlessly. Unlike Kazaa and several other file sharing applications
    Poisoned connects to the FastTrack network (Kazaa, Grokster, iMesh), the Gnutella network (Limewire, Acquisition), and OpenFT.

  • Preview

    Works with

    AI - Adobe Illustrator Artwork files
    BMP – Windows Bitmap files
    DNG – Digital Negative files
    EPS – Encapsulated PostScript files
    FAX – faxes
    FPX – FlashPix files
    GIF – Graphics Interchange Format files
    HDR – High Dynamic Range Image files
    ICNS – Apple Icon Image files
    ICO – Windows icon files
    JPEG 2000 – JPEG 2000 files
    JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group files
    OpenEXR – OpenEXR files
    PS – Adobe PostScript files (after an automatic conversion to PDF)
    PSD – Adobe Photoshop files
    PICT – QuickDraw image files
    PDF – Portable Document Format files
    PNG – Portable Network Graphics files
    PNTG – MacPaint Bitmap Graphic files
    QTIF – QuickTime image files
    RAD – Radience Scene Description files
    RAW – Raw image files
    SGI – Silicon Graphics Image files
    TGA – TARGA image files
    TIF, TIFF – Tagged Image File Format files
    XBM – X BitMap files

  • Pseudo

    This is a simple and convenient way to run applications as a superuser. Simply drag the application you want su'd onto the Pseudo icon.

    Handy Tip: to manage your files with superuser privs, try running pathfinder + pseudo.

  • Psi

    Psi is the premiere Instant Messaging application designed for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and GNU/Linux. Built upon an open protocol named Jabber, Psi is a fast and lightweight messaging client that utilises the best in open source technologies.

    The goal of the Psi project is to create a powerful, yet easy-to-use Jabber/XMPP client that tries to strictly adhere to the XMPP drafts and Jabber JEPs.

  • QuickTime Player 7

    Like to take a magic carpet ride?

    Just launch QuickTime Player, and there’s no telling where you’re likely to land. The Player may whisk you to the Moon or perhaps to an exotic location on this planet. Take you on a virtual field trip to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Or treat you to the latest news, movie trailers, music videos, HBO series or PBS specials.

  • QuickTime Pro

    QuickTime 7 Pro is everything that Apple's backbone media engine is, with features unlocked. Record audio, capture video, convert file formats, and save some web delivered content.

  • RealPlayer

    The Mac OS X version of RealPlayer. Useful for playing RealAudio and RealVideo files.

    • Download and play Flash video
    • PerfectPlay enabled pausing and seeking within live clips
    • Playlist window
    • Play RealMedia, QuickTime, Windows Media, and Flash Video
  • Resorcerer

    resorcerer is the premiere general-purpose commercial resource editor for Macintosh computers running System 8, 9, or Mac OS X. Relied upon by thousands of Mac developers all over the world, Resorcerer features a wealth of powerful yet easy-to-use tools for easier, faster, and safer editing of Macintosh data files and resources.

    Whether you have to parse a picture, change one bit in a 500MB data fork, write an AppleScript to patch or build a file, transfer resource-fork-based resources to data-fork-based resource files under Mac OS X, create a scripting dictionary, build icon suites with all 144 variant icons, change the structure of existing custom resources, debug an AppleEvent from another application, design and edit a custom resource with 40,000 fields in it, find every reference to a control, try out a dialog interface under Aqua, see a Unicode glyph, magnify the screen, disassemble some PowerPC instructions to English, or any of dozens of other resource- or data-related viewing and editing tasks, Resorcerer's magic will make you more productive and quickly save you time and money.


    SIMBL (Smart InputManager Bundle Loader) allows you to build hacks for Cocoa applications and apply the code selectively based on an application's unique identifier.

  • Sandbox

    For years, standard POSIX permissions did a good job of defining access to our files and folders. But as our needs have become more complex, operating systems have begun implementing access control lists to help handle things. When Apple shipped Mac OS X 10.4, they added a robust granular permissions model. Unfortunately, only Mac OS X Server ships with a GUI for manipulating these permissions.

    Enter Sandbox, stage left. What does Sandbox have to offer you? An organized, full-featured GUI for editing Mac OS X's access control lists. A software update system so you never have to come back to this page to check for updates (but you're welcome to anyway). A simple, easy-to-use panel for enabling and disabling ACL functionality.

  • Shapeshifter

    ShapeShifter is a product that lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac using 'themes'. We're not talking about just desktop backgrounds and icons here, we're talking about everything - the look of windows, menus, apps, buttons, absolutely everything. You don't wear the same clothes everyday, your house doesn't look exactly like your neighbor's - why should the computing interface you use everyday be any different. You personalize your physical workspace to suit your tastes and whims, so why not your Mac?

    NB: Shapeshifter is no longer supported! Read more: http://www.unsanity.org/archives/betas/mighty_mouse_with_some_theme_sauce.php

  • Skitch

    Skitch allows you to take screenshots on your Mac, edit them and share them with others. It makes the sharing process seamless by making it a natural workflow to send the image (with edited arrows and other highlights helpful to your client) to them via email or automatic website uploads. It is especially popular with the designer community, as they show their clients rough drafts of their work in a nearly automated process. It makes it simple to work remotely with someone and pass on work revisions and get feedback quickly. Other uses include:

    • Snap a website
    • Capture a chat moment
    • Screenshot an application
    • iSight snap your bad hair day
    • Quickly sketch an idea
    • Tap into your iPhoto Library
      Re-open images from your Skitch History
  • Snail Mail

    Envelope printing application for use with the Mac OS X Address Book database.

  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away (who's namesake is a well-received anime) is a tiny os x app that hides inactive windows on your os x desktop.

    It's a great way for a user to keep focus on their most foreground app.

    I use it to fool everyone around me that I am not ADD.

  • Stellarium

    Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.
    It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

  • TextEdit

    Text editor, comes with Mac OS X.

  • The Filter

    Instant Playlist Generator Plugin for iTunes. The Filter uses your music to create interesting playlists, automatically fill and refresh your iPod/MP3 player and discover new music.

  • The Unarchiver

    The Unarchiver is a much more capable replacement for "BOMArchiveHelper.app", the built-in archive unpacker program in Mac OS X. The Unarchiver is designed to handle many more formats than BOMArchiveHelper, and to better fit in with the design of the Finder. It can also handle filenames in foreign character sets, created with non-English versions of other operating systems.

  • Tidy Service

    Tidy Service is a simple OS X Service that cleans up markup using the powerful HTML Tidy library originally created by Dave Raggett.

    Tidy Service can be used to clean up HTML markup in any application that supports services by selecting the markup in question and choosing one of Tidy menu items from the Services menu. Currently, there are two processing options: Tidy Markup and Tidy to XHTML. Tidy to XHTML instructs the Tidy engine to generate valid XHTML, while Tidy Markup does not.

  • Toast Titanium

    Roxio Toast® 8 sets the standard for burning CDs, DVDs, and now Blu-ray discs on the Mac. Create superior sounding audio CDs with crossfades. Enjoy your TV shows anywhere with exclusive EyeTV burning and TiVoToGo™ transfers to DVD or iPod®. Copy your audio CDs, movies and DVDs. It's your digital life, Toast It!

    Please note that there is no demo available.

  • Tofu

    Tofu is a little application to make reading text easier. It reformats text into narrow columns, like in newpapers, so your eye can follow the lines easier. You can jump to any point in your text by simply typing some letters near it (without choosing any command first). There's a system-wide Service so you can, for example, grab some text from a web page. And it lets you use your voice to navigate text, so you can literally sit back and read.

  • Virtual PC

    Expand the power of your Mac with Microsoft® Virtual PC for Mac Version 7, the application that makes it possible for you to access PC-only software, files, networks and devices from your Mac. Virtual PC 7, which is compatible with the Mac G5, offers important improvements in support, speed and reliability.

  • VisualHub

    Converting a bunch of AVI files to a DVD shouldn't require a Computer Science degree.
    Getting movies from your digital camera to your iPod shouldn't take hours.
    Wading through a sea of video formats shouldn't pull you under.

    VisualHub bridges the gap between numerous complicated video formatting standards, and people that just want to get the job done - just what you would expect from the Mac.

  • VoodooPad Pro

    VoodooPad Pro is a super charged version of VoodooPad, priced a bit more for people who need specialized features.

    VoodooPad is a new kind of notepad. It's like having your own digital junk drawer where you can jot down notes, web addresses, to-do lists... Anything on your mind. VoodooPad automatically links each page together, to form a miniature world wide web, on your desktop! Anybody familiar with the WikiWikiWeb will feel right at home with VoodooPad.

  • Web Developer Extension

    The Web Developer Extension adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools. It is designed for Mozilla Firefox, Flock and Mozilla/Seamonkey, and will run on any platform that these browsers support including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The extension is highly configurable and contains many powerful features including CSS manipulation, multiple validation options and tools to display information about the current page.

  • WebKit

    WebKit is an open source web browser engine. WebKit is also the name of the Mac OS X system framework version of the engine that's used by Safari, Dashboard, Mail, and many other OS X applications. WebKit's HTML and JavaScript code began as a branch of the KHTML and KJS libraries from KDE. This website is also the home of S60's S60 WebKit development.

  • WebMate

    WebMate is a plugin for TextMate that turns the web preview into a live wysiwyg editor using WebKit’s built in editing features.

  • WireTap Studio

    Using WireTap Studio, you can record the discrete audio output of any application, as well as all system audio, or record audio input from any microphone, line-in, or audio input hardware.

    If you can hear it, WireTap Studio can record it.

    Once you have recorded your audio, you can easily organize your recordings in the convenient Recording Library, and edit them with WireTap Studio's integrated lossless audio editor.

    WireTap Studio also boasts full Audio Unit effects support, for adding professional quality effects to your audio.

  • X11

    An implementation of the X Window System that makes it possible to run X11-based applications in Mac OS X. Based on the open source XFree86 project — the most common implementation of X11 — X11 for Mac OS X is compatible, fast, and fully integrated with Mac OS X. It includes the full X11R6.6 technology including an X11 window server, Quartz window manager, libraries, and basic utilities such as xterm.

  • Xee

    An image browser with more features than Preview.app

  • Xinema

    Xinema is the ideal application for playing QuickTime movies in full screen. QuickTime Player can play movies full screen, but only if you purchase the Pro version for $29.99. Xinema brings you full screen playing for free, and provides controls for pausing, fast-forwarding and adjusting the sound volume during playback.

    You can also control the movie playback by using keyboard shortcuts, for example the arrow keys to step 10 seconds or one minute forwards or backwards.

  • Xslimmer

    Xslimmer reduces the disk space taken up by Universal Binary applications preserving just the Intel or PowerPC version.

    Xslimmer is a new and user-friendly way to size down your Universal Binary apps, without losing any of their functionality by removing the code inside the Universal Binaries that does not fit with your machine's architecture, a code that never gets executed and just wastes your disk space.

    In addition, Xslimmer can strip out unneeded languages. Safari is available in more than a dozen languages, Adium in more than 20. This is great, but how many of those do you need? Xslimmer allows you to select how many languages you want to preserve in your apps and will remove the rest, recovering lots of precious free space from your disk.

    Now fully Leopard compatible!

  • iCal

    iCal allows you to choose between viewing your schedule by day, week or month. And it's easy to find things on your calendar using iCal's powerful search feature.
    iCal helps you organize your schedule by letting you create as many separate calendars as you need.
    At the click of a mouse, you can easily subscribe to any number of public calendars available on the Internet.

  • iGTD

    Looking for a powerful GTD Mac organizer? Here it is!

    What is it for?

    You are a busy man, aren't you? And there's an easy way to track all things that have to be done... and to get those things done!

    Organize your life by contexts.

    Just divide your tasks by contexts - where they have to be done? At home? At your office? At laptop? At any time you can access the Internet?

    Organize your life by projects.

    Some of your tasks are related to your life projects. If you're a student, divide your school tasks by subjects. If you're a developer, organize your tasks and ideas by your software projects. You can also treat projects as categories for your tasks.

    You won't forget it if you drag it.

    You can drag all your browser links or Finder files to iGTD window. New task will be added immediately - with an adequate link. Just click 'open' - and there you go!

  • iScrobbler

    An alternative to the bloat-ware that is the "official" last.fm client.


    • Integrated iPod support.
    • Local Scrobble lists and profile charts.
    • Minimal or full detail interface - your choice.
    • Stable and lightweight.
    • Lots of other goodies.
  • iTunes-LAME

    The iTunes-LAME Encoder combines the simple interface of iTunes with the high quality of the LAME encoder.