Version: 1.0 | Release Date: 2014-03-10 | License: Freeware

PamFax is used for sending faxes via the web

WinX Free AVI to Zune Converter

Version: 5.0.7 | Release Date: 2014-09-09 | License: Freeware

WinX Free AVI to Zune Converter delivers a steady fast and totally free AVI to Zune solution. It facilitates you to play AVI videos on your beloved Zune device with WMV, MP4, H.264 file extensions,


Version: 0.9 | Release Date: 2014-03-09 | License: BSD License

OSX app that shows the battery status of your Apple bluetooth mouse and keyboard in the menu bar.


Version: 1.4 | Release Date: 2014-03-09 | License: GPL

photography workflow application and RAW developer


Version: 2.1.1 | Release Date: 2014-03-08 | License: Freeware

Duplifinder is a powerful all-in-one file management tool to find and remove all kind of duplicate files from your folders, hard disk, removable drive or network drives. Deletes duplicate email,

Express Zip Free Mac Compression Program

Version: 2.30 | Release Date: 2014-03-07 | License: Freeware

Express Zip Free for Mac compresses files and folders easily.

DJ Mixer Express for Windows

Version: 2.0.3 | Release Date: 2014-03-07 | License: Shareware (29.95)

The ideal beat-matching and DJ mixing software for Windows.

Animal Age Converter

Version: Version 3.0 | Release Date: 2014-10-27 | License: Freeware

Convert the ages of various animals against human lifespans. See life expectancies based on different breeds of animals.

Smart Converter Pro 2

Version: 2.0.2 | Release Date: 2014-02-28 | License: Freeware

Trust your video conversions to the Worldwide Number 1 selling video converter for Mac


Version: 1.2 | Release Date: 2014-02-28 | License: Freeware

Easily convert between various different units.


Version: 1.2 | Release Date: 2014-02-28 | License: Freeware

Mechanic by Bitdefender helps you keep you Mac fast and private.


Version: 1.0.2 | Release Date: 2014-03-23 | License: Freeware

Helps you focus on your writing

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