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210 days and 17 hours ago on

ImageOptim-icon ImageOptim by Macworld

The free utility takes in your images and optimizes them by shrinking their file sizes, often considerably. And it does so without affecting the image quality.

ImageOptim on iusethis.

258 days and 23 hours ago on

Willing Webcam for Mac-icon Willing Webcam for Mac by

How To Use Your Mac To Create Your Own Webcam For Video And Photo Capture

Willing Webcam for Mac on iusethis.

318 days and 12 hours ago on

Fotor - Photo Editor-icon Fotor - Photo Editor by Jack D. Miller

Let your photo editing ambitions soar on the big screen with Fotor for desktop

Fotor - Photo Editor on iusethis.

319 days and 3 hours ago on

Adobe Edge Animate-icon Adobe Edge Animate by

Its focus on HTML5 makes it one of Adobe’s more cutting-edge tools as it switches its focus from Flash to web standards.

Adobe Edge Animate on iusethis.

1 year and 38 days ago on

DCommander-icon DCommander by suicico

DCommander is an application with the mission to get you away from Finder and offer many features that do not exist in Finder.

DCommander on iusethis.

1 year and 39 days ago on

doo-icon doo by Mike Butcher

Techcrunch article by Mike Butcher following launch of doo for OS X.

doo on iusethis.

1 year and 48 days ago on

Webcam Settings-icon Webcam Settings by Steve Garfield

The Mac program Webcam Settings gives you manual control over all of the relevant settings of a USB webcam like the Logitech C920 webcam.

Webcam Settings on iusethis.

1 year and 48 days ago on

Webcam Settings-icon Webcam Settings by Megan @ Boinx Software

The Webcam Settings app lets you adjust all of the settings on many USB webcams, so your iStopMotion or BoinxTV creations will look picture-perfect.

Webcam Settings on iusethis.

1 year and 58 days ago on

Disk Expert-icon Disk Expert by appshrink

Disk Expert is a powerful disk space analysis and management tool that helps you

Disk Expert on iusethis.

1 year and 65 days ago on

fruux-icon fruux by GigaOM

fruux’s cross-platform iCloud rival gets team-friendly

fruux on iusethis.

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