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5 years and 133 days ago on

Hydra + Plug-ins-icon Hydra + Plug-ins by Paul Fatula

If you tend to think of post-processing digital images as more of a pain than a pleasure, Hydra may well be your least painful route to HDR images.

Hydra + Plug-ins on iusethis.

5 years and 133 days ago on

MagicPrefs-icon MagicPrefs by Mel Martin , TUAW

MagicPrefs is a must download for Magic Mouse owners. This app goes way beyond fixing the tracking speed.

MagicPrefs on iusethis.

5 years and 135 days ago on

gBrowser-icon gBrowser by

Image sorting done properly!

gBrowser on iusethis.

5 years and 135 days ago on

Ez7z-icon Ez7z by Miguel Guhlin

Zipping files - as opposed to 7zipping them - will cost $2.99, which isn't a great sacrifice for anyone compared to the $25 cost of other applications I've encountered.

Ez7z on iusethis.

5 years and 135 days ago on

Prizmo-icon Prizmo by Lisa Maloney

Prizmo’s optical character recognition abilities are impressive.

Prizmo on iusethis.

5 years and 138 days ago on

Quiet Read-icon Quiet Read by Dan Frakes

I’m looking forward to future versions

Quiet Read on iusethis.

5 years and 143 days ago on

ImageFramer-icon ImageFramer by

Here’s the problem that ImageFramer solved. We want photos to share. We want them to look nice and be displayed in attractive frames.

ImageFramer on iusethis.

5 years and 147 days ago on

Minco - Time Tracker-icon Minco - Time Tracker by Alexis Kayhill

Minco makes it easy to assign an hourly rate or value to specific tasks or projects.

Minco - Time Tracker on iusethis.

5 years and 155 days ago on

DEVONthink Professional Office-icon DEVONthink Professional Office by Mac App Reviews

Mac App Reviews give DEVONthink Pro Office 4.5/5 for it's power and flexibility.

DEVONthink Professional Office on iusethis.

5 years and 157 days ago on

Advantageous mp3-icon Advantageous mp3 by

Advantageous mp3 is a simple tool to find the best price for digital music.

Advantageous mp3 on iusethis.

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