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4 years and 193 days ago on

iFlicks-icon iFlicks by Dennis Sellers

Macsimum review: iFlicks a good tool for importing video collections into iTunes

iFlicks on iusethis.

4 years and 197 days ago on

VideoMonkey-icon VideoMonkey by Kevin

VisualHub lives on with Video Monkey

VideoMonkey on iusethis.

4 years and 197 days ago on

Ommwriter-icon Ommwriter by Phil P

Write without distractions with OmmWriter

Ommwriter on iusethis.

4 years and 199 days ago on

Snippets-icon Snippets by storiesofmac

That said, Snippets is a very good app by now

Snippets on iusethis.

4 years and 201 days ago on

VirtualHostX-icon VirtualHostX by MacFormat

The foolproof nature of VirtualHostX coupled with its affordable price means it's a no-brainer for Mac-based web designers working on multiple sites.

VirtualHostX on iusethis.

4 years and 202 days ago on

FlickrFriend-icon FlickrFriend by Joshua Schnell

FlickrFriend is developed by the guys over at UnPaq and I’m pretty impressed with it.

FlickrFriend on iusethis.

4 years and 207 days ago on

Cashculator-icon Cashculator by AppStorm

Overall, I must say that I love Cashculator. Planning for the future has never been so easy...

Cashculator on iusethis.

4 years and 210 days ago on

Machinarium-icon Machinarium by John Bardinelli

... a game so well-conceived and implemented it can confidently launch as one of the best point-and-click adventures of all time.

Machinarium on iusethis.

4 years and 212 days ago on

Checkout-icon Checkout by TUAW

Checkout: an excellent Point of Sale application; after several weeks I've been thoroughly impressed by it.

Checkout on iusethis.

4 years and 213 days ago on

Songbird-icon Songbird by John Mark Walker

Have an iPod? Use Windows? Get Songbird. If you're on Windows and looking for choice to an iTunes replacement: Songbird. You won't want to go back.

Songbird on iusethis.

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