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6 years and 233 days ago on

Minco - Time Tracker-icon Minco - Time Tracker by Alexis Kayhill

Minco makes it easy to assign an hourly rate or value to specific tasks or projects.

Minco - Time Tracker on iusethis.

6 years and 241 days ago on

DEVONthink Professional Office-icon DEVONthink Professional Office by Mac App Reviews

Mac App Reviews give DEVONthink Pro Office 4.5/5 for it's power and flexibility.

DEVONthink Professional Office on iusethis.

6 years and 243 days ago on

Advantageous mp3-icon Advantageous mp3 by

Advantageous mp3 is a simple tool to find the best price for digital music.

Advantageous mp3 on iusethis.

6 years and 246 days ago on

Ephemera-icon Ephemera by Marco Arment

Great idea: a Mac app to automatically synchronize Instapaper’s downloads to USB-mounted e-readers.

Ephemera on iusethis.

6 years and 253 days ago on

Inklet-icon Inklet by Mike Schramm (TUAW)

Inklet turns your trackpad into a Wacom-style tablet

Inklet on iusethis.

6 years and 255 days ago on

Snippets-icon Snippets by Brett Terpstra

This week, Brett tells us about his favorite new snippet manager.

Snippets on iusethis.

6 years and 266 days ago on

iFlicks-icon iFlicks by Joshua Schnell

iFlicks is a great application to manage all your file formatting needs.

iFlicks on iusethis.

6 years and 272 days ago on

TunesArt-icon TunesArt by

After playing with the app for a while, I consider TunesArt as one of those must-have iTunes software downloads.

TunesArt on iusethis.

6 years and 273 days ago on

Cashculator-icon Cashculator by

Cashculator is easier to use than my easiest-to-use Mac money manager...

Cashculator on iusethis.

6 years and 274 days ago on

Spell Catcher X-icon Spell Catcher X by Alec Kinnear

Focus on the keyboard logging feature in SC: Ghost Writer.

Spell Catcher X on iusethis.

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