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5 years and 160 days ago on

Ephemera-icon Ephemera by Marco Arment

Great idea: a Mac app to automatically synchronize Instapaper’s downloads to USB-mounted e-readers.

Ephemera on iusethis.

5 years and 167 days ago on

Inklet-icon Inklet by Mike Schramm (TUAW)

Inklet turns your trackpad into a Wacom-style tablet

Inklet on iusethis.

5 years and 169 days ago on

Snippets-icon Snippets by Brett Terpstra

This week, Brett tells us about his favorite new snippet manager.

Snippets on iusethis.

5 years and 180 days ago on

iFlicks-icon iFlicks by Joshua Schnell

iFlicks is a great application to manage all your file formatting needs.

iFlicks on iusethis.

5 years and 186 days ago on

TunesArt-icon TunesArt by

After playing with the app for a while, I consider TunesArt as one of those must-have iTunes software downloads.

TunesArt on iusethis.

5 years and 187 days ago on

Cashculator-icon Cashculator by

Cashculator is easier to use than my easiest-to-use Mac money manager...

Cashculator on iusethis.

5 years and 188 days ago on

Spell Catcher X-icon Spell Catcher X by Alec Kinnear

Focus on the keyboard logging feature in SC: Ghost Writer.

Spell Catcher X on iusethis.

5 years and 189 days ago on

BumpTop-icon BumpTop by macBound

The ultimate desktop UI for the Mac, with notes, physics, and multitouch. BumpTop offers an intuitive, easy to learn interface that’s as practical as it is beautiful.

BumpTop on iusethis.

5 years and 194 days ago on

TuneSpan-icon TuneSpan by Joshua Schnell

Hey, no one said managing iTunes was easy, but at least someone decided to do something about it.

TuneSpan on iusethis.

5 years and 195 days ago on

Webbla - Bookmark Manager-icon Webbla - Bookmark Manager by Mac Aficionados

Webbla est un gestionnaire de signets en tous genres qui vous permettra, en quelques instants seulement, de retrouver ce «signet-favori» ...

Webbla - Bookmark Manager on iusethis.

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