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1 year and 213 days ago on

InerziaMode-icon InerziaMode by Mac360

How many different ways can Mac users launch apps? Plenty, and they’re easy. The Dock. A Menubar launcher.

InerziaMode on iusethis.

1 year and 227 days ago on

fruux-icon fruux by lifehacker

Think of it like iCloud for the rest of us.

fruux on iusethis.

1 year and 228 days ago on

QGIS-icon QGIS by Anita Graser

The QGIS project provides one of today’s most popular applications for working with spatial data.

QGIS on iusethis.

2 years and 10 days ago on

Minco - Time Tracker-icon Minco - Time Tracker by Tera Talks

6 Reasons Minco Time Tracker For Mac Might Be The Time Tracker App You Need

Minco - Time Tracker on iusethis.

2 years and 39 days ago on

Little Snitch-icon Little Snitch by Objective Development

A preview of Little Snitch 3.

Little Snitch on iusethis.

2 years and 111 days ago on

SlideMode-icon SlideMode by Fatima

SlideMode Makes It Easier To Select Text With The Trackpad.

SlideMode on iusethis.

2 years and 114 days ago on

Recover PDF Password-icon Recover PDF Password by Hedi Regaya

Recover PDF Passwords on your Mac

Recover PDF Password on iusethis.

2 years and 114 days ago on

Elmedia Player-icon Elmedia Player by Mike Breed

Elmedia Player is easy to use and takes much of the guesswork out of playing back videos of just about any format you can imagine.

Elmedia Player on iusethis.

2 years and 114 days ago on

Folx-icon Folx by James Dempsey

Manage and speed-up downloads with Folx downloader.

Folx on iusethis.

2 years and 117 days ago on

CodeBox-icon CodeBox by Daniel Bramhall

As a developer, it’s useful to have your snippets readily available while you’re working on your next big project. This is where CodeBox comes into play.

CodeBox on iusethis.

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