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4 years and 350 days ago on

BlackBerry Desktop Manager-icon BlackBerry Desktop Manager by BlackBerry Cool

This is something Mac users everywhere have been dying to get their hands on and RIM is finally delivering.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager on iusethis.

4 years and 351 days ago on

AppFresh-icon AppFresh by Download Squad

There's a lot to like about AppFresh. It looks very slick and has a user interface that is in line with the best Mac applications ...

AppFresh on iusethis.

4 years and 354 days ago on

Live Interior 3D Pro-icon Live Interior 3D Pro by MacUser

4 Mices from MacUser

Live Interior 3D Pro on iusethis.

4 years and 354 days ago on

Evom-icon Evom by TUAW

While still in beta, Evom looks ready to pick up where iSquint left off. It easily and quickly converts videos to formats compatible with iTunes, Apple TV and iPod.

Evom on iusethis.

4 years and 356 days ago on

flickery-icon flickery by MacApper

flickery is a great desktop version of It has almost all the features the Website has and a couple extra.

flickery on iusethis.

4 years and 361 days ago on

MTS Converter for Mac-icon MTS Converter for Mac by Jersy

How to convert MTS to WMV, MP4, MOV, iMovie, QuickTime, etc on Mac using MTS Converter for Mac

MTS Converter for Mac on iusethis.

4 years and 364 days ago on

Peek-a-Boo-icon Peek-a-Boo by Alexis Kayhill

I’m a sucker for low end Mac applications. I’m also a sucker for nifty Mac applications that do easily what isn’t easy to do, or do it in a unique way.

Peek-a-Boo on iusethis.

5 years and 2 days ago on

Skeiron-icon Skeiron by Electricz0

Video tutorial on YouTube.

Skeiron on iusethis.

5 years and 3 days ago on

Together-icon Together by Macworld

Together makes a fine home for all your digital bits and pieces.

Together on iusethis.

5 years and 11 days ago on

DaisyDisk-icon DaisyDisk by Macgasm

Seeing it in action is the only way you should see it. It’s phenomenal.

DaisyDisk on iusethis.

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