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3 years and 66 days ago on

Github-icon Github by Jim Hoskins

GitHub for Mac makes git simpler.

Github on iusethis.

3 years and 72 days ago on

InerziaMode-icon InerziaMode by mecambioamac

Inerzia Mode te ahorra el tener que abrir todas estas aplicaciones una a una, te crea una agrupación de aplicaciones para cada proyecto.

InerziaMode on iusethis.

3 years and 82 days ago on

MPlayerX-icon MPlayerX by MacStories

Now, let’s see what its “competitors” will come up with, but MPlayerX is no doubt a huge leap forward.

MPlayerX on iusethis.

3 years and 85 days ago on

Forismatic-icon Forismatic by Matt Reich

Wallpaper Wizard: Mac Wallpaper Switching and Management

Forismatic on iusethis.

3 years and 91 days ago on

HDRtist-icon HDRtist by Ilene Hoffman

The magic of HDRtist is that does its intended job in two steps. There can’t be any more simple way to create HD photos anywhere and it works well.

HDRtist on iusethis.

3 years and 94 days ago on

iA Writer-icon iA Writer by Dan Oliver

I can honestly say that Writer for Mac will now be my default text editor of choice...

iA Writer on iusethis.

3 years and 94 days ago on

ScreenFloat-icon ScreenFloat by Macworld

I didn’t appreciate just how useful ScreenFloat’s ability to create floating screenshot windows would be until I started using it.

ScreenFloat on iusethis.

3 years and 104 days ago on

HDRtist Pro-icon HDRtist Pro by Rod Lawton

for sheer ease of use, simplicity and value for money, HDRtist is brilliant.

HDRtist Pro on iusethis.

3 years and 111 days ago on

Tubbler - YouTube Standalone Player-icon Tubbler - YouTube Standalone Player by MakeUseOf

Tubbler is a sleek little desktop app for watching YouTube videos on your Mac.

Tubbler - YouTube Standalone Player on iusethis.

3 years and 118 days ago on

Notational Velocity-icon Notational Velocity by Leo Babauta

The author of Zen Habits introduces Notational Velocity and describes how he uses it.

Notational Velocity on iusethis.

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