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4 years and 307 days ago on

Scrawl-icon Scrawl by MacGenius

...with a sleek interface and intuitive buttons, Scrawl minimizes the space it needs to take up, creating a great way to take notes on your Mac.

Scrawl on iusethis.

4 years and 315 days ago on

PhpStorm 7.1-icon PhpStorm 7.1 by inchoo

What sets PHPStorm apart from the competition is one incredible fact: It’s the first JAVA application that doesn’t suck.I know, it doesn’t sound plausible but it’s true

PhpStorm 7.1 on iusethis.

4 years and 320 days ago on

PlugSpy - Protect Your MacBook-icon PlugSpy - Protect Your MacBook by Boxcar

One of the things we love to do is tell you about cool providers that do awesome things AND integrate with Boxcar to give you real-time push notifications when they do!

PlugSpy - Protect Your MacBook on iusethis.

4 years and 324 days ago on

Finch-icon Finch by Scott Danielson

mac.appstorm good review

Finch on iusethis.

4 years and 337 days ago on

PopClip-icon PopClip by Graham Smith

I have quickly grown to like this tiny, but useful, Macintosh application.

PopClip on iusethis.

4 years and 351 days ago on

PopClip-icon PopClip by RazorianFly

PopClip: iOS-Style ‘Copy & Paste’ Brought Back To The Mac

PopClip on iusethis.

4 years and 363 days ago on

GrowlVoice-icon GrowlVoice by Dan Moren

"GrowlVoice takes things even further by letting you actually use many of Google Voice’s features." 4.5/5 - MacWorld

GrowlVoice on iusethis.

5 years and 43 days ago on

Webbla - Bookmark Manager-icon Webbla - Bookmark Manager by Frank Eves

If you’ve been searching for a Mac bookmark manager, you need to check out Webbla.

Webbla - Bookmark Manager on iusethis.

5 years and 68 days ago on

Minco - Time Tracker-icon Minco - Time Tracker by Essential Mac

Minco’s has an obvious advantage of supporting iCal and is an ideal lightweight time and task tracking application.

Minco - Time Tracker on iusethis.

5 years and 82 days ago on

HDRtist-icon HDRtist by MakeUseOf

HDRtist is 1 of the best 100 Mac apps to have!

HDRtist on iusethis.

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