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4 years and 102 days ago on

MixTape-icon MixTape by Phil Morse

"If you’re a DJ who broadly wants to produce passable mixtapes, and fast ... for $69 this little piece of software is a steal."

MixTape on iusethis.

4 years and 103 days ago on

Pixelmator-icon Pixelmator by Ben Long

Pixelmator has a tremendous amount of charm, both for its well-defined feature set, beautiful interface, fantastically fast performance, and low price.

Pixelmator on iusethis.

4 years and 121 days ago on

Album DS Pro Mac-icon Album DS Pro Mac by Betsy Finn

A review done by Professional Photographer Magazine on the virtues of Album DS Pro for PC and Macintosh. Album DS is the current Hot One Award winner from PP Mag

Album DS Pro Mac on iusethis.

4 years and 147 days ago on

CleanMyMac-icon CleanMyMac by TUAW

Put your Mac on a diet with CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac on iusethis.

4 years and 161 days ago on

MassiveLyrics-icon MassiveLyrics by Dave Metzener

MassiveLyrics is a program, that retrieves lyrics from LyricsWiki. Its got a great UI, even better than GetLyrical’s, and works exceptionally fast.

MassiveLyrics on iusethis.

4 years and 164 days ago on

djay-icon djay by DJ Times

algoriddim brings us a wide range of easy-to-use features, a familiar look to a traditional DJ setup, and direct integration with your current iTunes library.

djay on iusethis.

4 years and 166 days ago on

Mira-icon Mira by Dan Frakes

If you’re looking to get more out of your Apple Remote, Mira offers a good combination of features and ease of use.

Mira on iusethis.

4 years and 172 days ago on

PGP Desktop Professional-icon PGP Desktop Professional by

At the time of this writing there is no other comparable product to compare PGP WDE for Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) against.

PGP Desktop Professional on iusethis.

4 years and 188 days ago on

App Tamer-icon App Tamer by Macworld

App Tamer is pure gain with no pain. It gives you a faster computer and a longer-lasting battery through the magic of not-making-your-Mac-work-as-hard.

App Tamer on iusethis.

4 years and 194 days ago on

Email Archiver-icon Email Archiver by Stephan Wiesend

In German.

Email Archiver on iusethis.

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