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Version: 3.4.4 | Release Date: 2011-01-27 | License: Shareware (10 US$)

According to a poll at, users install 2 to 3 applications a week, to give it a trial. That means about 2 to 10 megabytes of useless data every week remaining without CleanApp.

WireTap Studio

Version: 1.0.4 | Release Date: 2008-01-26 | License: Commercial with demo ($69.00)

Using WireTap Studio, you can record the discrete audio output of any application, as well as all system audio, or record audio input from any microphone, line-in, or audio input hardware. If you


Version: 0.73 | Release Date: 2011-05-11 | License: Freeware

iAlertU is an alarm system for the MacBook computers. Once it is running, you simply press and hold the "menu" button of the Apple Remote to activate it. Once activated, an alarm sound starts whenver


Version: 2.0.4 | Release Date: 2011-02-11 | License: Shareware ($34.99)

Scrivener is a project management tool for writers that acts like your own little writing shed at the bottom of the garden, where you have cork notice-boards, ring-binders, photos, clippings


Version: 2.1.3 | Release Date: 2013-01-31 | License: BSD License

The MacPorts Project's main goal is to provide an easy way to install various open-source software products on the Darwin OS family (OpenDarwin, Mac OS X and Darwin) There are currently about 6364


Version: 2.0b106 | Release Date: 2009-10-15 | License: Shareware ($40.00)

Fun and easy to use money manager.


Version: 4.0.13 | Release Date: 2010-03-13 | License: Shareware (14.95 USD)

Let Aurora wake you and your Mac. Wake up every morning to the sound of your favorite iTunes playlist instead of that annoying alarm clock. Aurora is an alarm clock for your Mac that lets you wake


Version: 0.10.6 | Release Date: 2010-12-05 | License: GPL

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium

Adobe Fireworks

Version: | Release Date: 2012-04-23 | License: Commercial with demo ($299)

Accelerate web design and development with Adobe® Fireworks® CS3 software, the ideal tool for creating and optimizing images for the web and rapidly prototyping websites and web applications.

Wikipedia Widget

Version: 0.9.4 | Release Date: 2009-09-28 | License: Freeware

[The Wikipedia Widget is] a Dashboard widget for browsing Wikipedia. Search for articles and view from the Dashboard, complete with pictures and links.


Version: 0.54 Beta 5 | Release Date: 2007-06-13 | License: GPL

“VirtueDesktops” is a virtual desktop manager for Apple’s Mac OS. It offers features, eye candy and configurable options that no other desktop manager on the mac has added yet.


Version: 5.11 | Release Date: 2011-06-21 | License: Freeware

OmniWeb is a browser for Mac OS X with a unique way of viewing tabs, specific site preferences, and a whole lotta other stuff.

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